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Please implement the "notifyUsers" parameter to a number of api calls


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      Edit issue allows the use of the "notifyUsers"="false" parameter to prevent any email notifications (https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/JRACLOUD-34423).  It would be very helpful to add this to the following methods:

      • create issue
      • bulk create issue
      • assign issue
      • transition issue

      I understand that as a default sending emails as per the permissions schemes is ideal; however there are use cases that would really benefit from not having to send email notifications.

      Our current use case is: We use a number of cloud services to manage our bespoke projects, these include google drive, Jira, Confluence, Github, and a number of local resources.  We have put together a bespoke set of functions to generate new projects with an number of default issues across all of these services at once.  The email notifications from Jira have the potential to overwhelm users and create an environment where users just ignore all Jira notifications (which would be really bad for one off changes from the cloud service rather than the API).  Instead I would prefer to send a summary email notification to all of the my users about the changes across all platforms and cut down on email clutter.  

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