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Tabs don't re-render on issue transition


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      Issue Summary

       When the user clicks on back button of the Chrome and tries move from Issue B to issue A having different screen configs, it does not reload the Tabs of the issue and still shows issue B screen config

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. open an issue (issue A) with tabs and linked issues. One of the linked issues should have a different screen config (different tabs)
      2. click on a linked issue (issue B) with different tabs config. It should load fine.
      3. click on back button or navigate some other way back to issue A (eg via breadcrumbs in case of task->subtask transition)

      Expected Results

      Layout and tabs should render properly.

      Actual Results

      Tabs aren't updated (it shows tabs of issue B)


      Opening the issue in separate window or new Tab of the browser helps.

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