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Gadgets facing delay when loading the current data from issues




      Issue Summary

      Gadgets are facing a delay to synchronise the current data of issues with their results displayed in themselves.

      During my tests, the problem was most noticeable with the issues' statuses.

      Sometimes it takes more time to refresh, sometimes is not that noticeable.

      Steps to Reproduce

      • Create a gadget with a filter (e.g. filter results);
        • Add some columns, such as Status and Priority.
      • Open one of the issues displayed under the results of the gadget, and update the issue;
        • Change its priority, or transition the issue.
      • Reload the dashboard.

      Expected Results

      The gadgets will have its results updated right after you modified one of the issues that compose their results.

      Actual Results

      There is a noticeable delay. See the recording: Dashboard load delay.mp4


      None at the moment.


        1. Dashboard load delay.mp4
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          Leonardo De Almeida
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          Marcus Wong
        3. Screen Recording 2021-04-23 at 08.11.49 PM.mp4
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          Marcus Wong
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          Marcus Wong
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          Leonardo De Almeida
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          Leonardo De Almeida

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