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Reviews tab on Developement Panel isn't opening in the new issue view



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      Problem Summary

      No popup dialogue on the new issue view, when clicking on Reviews tab under the Developement Panel section.

      Steps to replicate

      1. Integrate Crucible with Jira
      2. Create an issue with Crucible
      3. View issue

      Expected Result

      Review dialogue pops up.

      Actual Result

      Nothing happens when clicking on Review


      Disable old issue editor What is the new Jira issue view? - Jira Core Cloud - Atlassian Support

      Can I turn the new Jira issue view on or off?

      You can toggle the new view on or off for classic projects in Jira Software for now. The new issue view is permanently on for all business boards and next-gen software projects, so you can’t turn it off for those.

      To turn the new issue view on or off in Jira Software and Jira Core for now:

      1. Select Your profile and settings () > Personal settings.
      1. Toggle the switch for the New Jira issue view.

      If you don't see the Personal settings option when you click your avatar, the switch to turn the new issue view on or off will appear under Profile.

      Can I temporarily click through to the old issue view?

      You can temporarily click through to the old issue view on issues in classic projects. This can be If you need to complete a task not supported in the new view yet,

      1. If you’re not viewing the full-page version of the issue, click the issue key to open it in full page.
      1. Choose > See the old view.

      The old issue view will open for you to complete your tasks. Next time you view an issue, you’ll see the new issue view again.


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