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Pasting single digit decimal numbers in new issue results in numbered list replacing the first digit




      Issue Summary

      When pasting single digit decimal numbers into the new issue view, the 1st digit is replaced with a numbered list.


      1.5 -> 1. 5

      3.6 -> 1. 6

      5.7 -> 1. 7

      Clicking off the Numbered List button in the editor does not correct the issue. It will simply remove the numbered list and leave only the digits after the decimal. 

      Steps to Reproduce

      1.  Type a single-digit decimal somewhere outside of Jira (i.e. 4.5, 2.7, 3.6, etc) Copy it to your clipboard.
      2. Open an issue in the new issue view.
      3. Paste the number into the new issue view.

      Expected Results

      Numbers should be pasted without formatting into a numbered list.

      Actual Results

      The numbers will automatically be converted into a numbered list.


      New Issue View:


      Pasting directly into a code snippet does retain the original values.  In addition, copying from a raw text editor also appears to work.

      • Pasting without formatting (e.g. CMD+SHIFT+OPTION+V on macOS) does not work to avoid the formatting.
      • Clicking off on Numbered List only will remove the numbered list, but will not correct the issue (i.e. 5.7 which has been changed to 1. 7 will only revert back to 7)
      • Adding the content to a text editor and copying from there avoids the auto-formatting


      Many users may report this as an issue with copying and pasting tables from Excel, or tables from pages in Confluence that are using the Old Editor.

      I can confirm that the issue persists without pasting from a table or list. You could paste a single number and it will still auto-convert.

      This issue also exists in the Confluence new editor.


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