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Ability to share Issue layout between projects




      Update from Atlassian on May 18th

      Hi All, we apologize the delay in bringing this feature into the new view.

      Good news - we're starting to slowly roll-out the copy configuration feature to Jira Software customers in upcoming days. As for Jira Service Management users, at this stage, we don't know whether or when we will roll this out pending internal decision on how we want request type and agent view to be displayed


      For those non-JSW users you can find this feature, which is limited to Jira Admins. To navigate to the screen below: go to you project page -> click project settings -> click issue layout -> click on "edit layout" for one of your layouts -> then you should see the screen below.

      Once you clicked Copy Issue Layout button as shown on the screen, you can follow consequent steps in the full screen wizard




       As a larger organization, we rely heavily on standardized views for issues.

      Currently, Jira issue layout is based in part on the screens, however, due to the fact that the issue view screen is largely ignored by the new issue view, this means that the issue layout must be customized for each every project, and a standard view cannot be produced and used.

      I would like to propose the option of making the issue layout something that can be copied or shared between projects.


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