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As a user I'd like to edit a work log in the new issue view as I could before Work log tab


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      Problem Definition

      With the New "full detail" Jira issue view, users lost the ability to edit previous work logs.

      Suggested Solution

      Add the ability for users to edit previous work logs while viewing the issue in the "full detail" view.

      Previous "full detail" issue view:

      New "full detail" issue view:

      Why this is important

      This should enhance greatly the user experience.

      Also, now that the Work log tab has been removed, there is no way to verify the Date started of the work log, this is especially problematic when you've set a date in the past yet JIRA logs the entry as "2 minutes ago".


      You can temporarily disable the New Jira issue view in Business projects by clicking "See the old view" (on the top right corner of the screen).

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