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The screen tabs are not visible in the new Jira issue view.


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      Atlassian Update - 16 February 2021

      We are excited to announce that we have moved tabs back to the left hand side of Jira Cloud's new issue view. By moving tabs to the left admins are able to make better use of the space available on the issue view and create layouts that work for every member of their team. You can find our more in our official announcement.


      The screen tabs are not visible in the new Jira issue view.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Have a project with some screen tabs configured.
      2. Turn on the new Jira issue view, and open the issue.

      Expected Results

      In the old view, the tabs are displayed:

      Actual Results

      All the content is cluttered in the context bar (the right side of the issue)


      (Optional - If Necessary)


      Disable the Labs in the user profile in order to disable the new issue view:

      The actual workaround only work for Software Project and there is no available workarounds for the Business/Core projects excepted to go click the Use the old view on every Business tickets they are working on to retrieve the Screen Tabs field's organisations.
      Having all the fields ordered as a list can be painful if they are using lot of custom fields and were using the screen's tabs to organise the custom_fields.

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