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Slowness while loading the new Jira layout




      Atlassian Update - 4 JULY 2019


      Thank you for your feedback on Jira Cloud performance.

      This ticket was originally created to report slowness when loading the sidebar in the new Jira experience. Over the last few months, we've shipped multiple performance improvements to tackle this and other performance issues. You can read the latest update on performance in the Atlassian Community.

      Since shipping these improvements, we're happy to share that the sidebar in the new Jira experience now loads twice as fast:

      With the comments on this ticket, you have openly shared your experiences with Jira Cloud and helped us build a better product. We want to sincerely apologize for the frustration caused by this and other performance issues.

      Moving forward, in order for us to better identify and prioritize the performance issues that still impact you, we ask that you open new tickets based on your latest experience here. We're closing this ticket today.

      We're continuing to actively work on providing you with a superior performance experience in Jira Cloud.

      Nikhil Kulkarni
      Senior Product Manager
      Jira Cloud Performance

      Atlassian Update - 14 MAY 2019


      We’re happy to share some updates with you on the performance improvements we’ve been working on these past few months:

      Faster Navigation Sidebar
      We've shipped a Jira navigation sidebar that loads twice as fast as the previous version. This is now available to all customers.

      Jira as a Single Page App (SPA) - faster transitions between Jira pages
      We’re progressing well in this journey, having completed much of the work that will enable us to bring more experiences into the SPA. We've already shipped fast SPA transitions between directories and next-gen Jira Software projects. Soon, this will be expanded to include the new issue view, classic Jira Software projects, and dashboards.

      Reducing the size of our frontend resources
      Through a number of build and delivery improvements, we're now serving much smaller frontend resources (e.g. JavaScript files), so Jira experiences become ready for interaction sooner. Next up, we're continuing our work to reduce the number and size of downloaded files.

      Stay tuned for the next update!

      Nikhil Kulkarni
      Senior Product Manager
      Jira Cloud Platform

      Atlassian Update - 06 FEB 2019


      Thank you for your continued feedback on Jira Cloud performance. As Scott mentioned, we very much understand the impact of this issue and are actively working towards a scalable solution.

      Here’s what we’ve been working on over the past couple of months:

      Faster preview in the new issue experience

      In the new Jira issue view, we’ve optimised the loading time of the issue preview (including the issue title, key fields, and description). This experience is available to a number of users already and will be rolled out to more users in the coming months.

      Improvements to next-gen boards and backlogs

      In next-gen Jira Software projects, switching between boards, the backlog, roadmaps, and the project configuration pages now happens in a Single Page App (SPA). This, combined with an optimised board issue view, helps load content faster.

      A Single Page App (SPA) for Jira

      We're working on enabling more SPA transitions within Jira. This will create a more seamless navigation experience between different parts of the product.

      Improvements to the sidebar navigation experience

      We have also started working to improve the performance of the sidebar and, in turn, speed up the way you navigate around Jira. We’ll make sure to share news on improvements here.

      New AWS regions in Sydney and Singapore

      We have opened up new AWS regions in Sydney and Singapore to improve the performance for our APAC customers.

      Simplified frontend architecture

      In addition to the above changes, we're simplifying our frontend architecture to help us transform Jira into an SPA, accelerate initial page loads using a technique called Server-Side Rendering (SSR), and apply much smarter caching techniques. Some of this work has already been completed and some is just getting started, with each piece driving us toward a simpler, faster Jira that’s smaller in size and loads far less data.

      Thanks again for your patience on this issue, and stay tuned for the next update.

      Nikhil Kulkarni
      Senior Product Manager
      Jira Cloud Platform


      Atlassian Update - 05 DEC 2018


      Thank you for your feedback and your patience. We understand your frustration and are actively working on addressing the performance issues in Jira. In fact, improving Jira’s performance is one of our top company goals and we are hard at work on it.

      That said, it’s an ongoing journey and we intend to make significant progress as we move ahead. There are some things we’ve already done, areas we are currently working on and items in the pipeline through which we aim to deliver a superior performance experience. Here are some key highlights on the performance work:

      Building newer experiences with performance in mind - We’re focusing on the key experiences that a large number of you interact with and making sure that they’re performant.

      The Issue experience, for example, is perhaps what most of you interact with and that’s currently our area of focus. Here’s some insight into how we’re thinking about building it - A sneak peek into the future of Jira Cloud issues (blog post) and video from Europe 2018 Summit (55:26 onwards). We’re constantly working on making the new Issue experience fast and easy to use. Some of you may already be on this new experience and we plan to take this all our customers in the coming months. Like we are for Issue experience, we’re working on making the Navigation experience is both fast and easy to use.

      Jira as an SPA - One of our key initiatives is turning Jira into an SPA (Single Page Application). An SPA delivers a much superior experience from a performance perspective. For a product of Jira’s nature and complexity, this is a fairly significant effort and we’re on it in the right earnest. We’ve shipped this to some of our new experiences (next-gen boards, for example) and will be rolling it out to other parts of Jira over time.

      Expanding our cloud footprint- We made a major decision of moving from our own data center to AWS cloud. This would enable us to better deliver value to you, our customers, by focusing on delivering features (and not managing IT infrastructure) and also scale smoothly for our fast-growing customer base with better performance. We completed migrating all our customers to AWS early this year. You can read more about our move to AWS here - on TechCrunch and Forbes. In order to support our growing customer base and make sure we’re closer to where our customers are, we are adding newer AWS regions. In addition to the existing regions in the US and Ireland, we are adding AWS regions in Sydney, Frankfurt and Singapore.

      Thank you for bearing with us. Be rest assured that performance is a top priority for us and we’re actively working on it. We’ll keep you posted on updates and new developments regarding performance.

      Thank you,

      Nikhil Kulkarni
      Senior Product Manager
      Jira Cloud Performance


      A few user are facing slowness while loading the new Jira layout


      • Jira Cloud + New jira experience

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Access Jira
        • This issue can be noticed on boards, issue navigator and dashboards

      Expected Results

      Layout (sidebar, buttons...) is loaded as soon as the issues are shown.

      Actual Results

      Jira hangs while loading the sidebar and other layout artifacts


      This bug description is a bit generic and we may split this in order to address the different possible causes. One of the causes identified  so far is that the JavaScript for the navigation bar (and not only) takes long time to download despite x-cache: Hit from Cloudfront. In this case the observed behavior is the following:

      • JS downloads take over 8 s
      • Jira frontend is perceived as slow
      • Jira backend responds under 4 s

      We will update this ticket in the next days to provide more details or just to link it to a new bug ticket specific to the above scenario.


      Users can try disabling the browser extensions as there are cases where this change improves the performance.


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