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Allow search on issues I have commented / JQL to return issues commented on by a particular user


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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Cloud. Using JIRA Server? See the corresponding suggestion.


      Our users would like to search on issues he has added comments to. It would be a handy way to choose issues to be watched.

      We can currently search on text within comments, but not filter on comment-authors.

      In the filter page, perhaps as one of the attribute fields, there could be a field for "Includes Comment By".


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      If you have Watch your issues enabled in your personal settings (https://<your site name>.atlassian.net/secure/ViewPersonalSettings.jspa), you will automatically 'watch' the issues you interact with.

      In other words, if you comment on an issue you will automatically become a watcher and therefore can use the following JQL

      watcher = currentUser() 

      The limitation of this method is that it will return false positives, i.e. tickets that you are watching but have not commented on. It also won't return issues where you have commented and then subsequently unmarked yourself as a watcher.

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