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Allow retrieval of all saved filters using REST api


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      Update 8 March 2024

      This is now possible using the experimental parameter overrideSharePermissions=True on the search for filters REST endpoint. As the param is still experimental, we will keep this ticket open.

      Original subscription

      This bug/feature prevents us from properly maintaining JIRA instances.

      This is needed in order to be able to query existing fields and to find out which one of them is broken.

      On any big JIRA deployment administrators need to be able to detect and fix broken JQL filters, any change made to the custom fields can break them and you need to be able to detect the affected ones.

      By providing this functionality you would allow people to implement this maintenance scripts.

      Currently admins are able to browse the filters in the UI, but that kind of maintenance does not allow them to test and doesn't scale for more than very-small jira instances.


      As a site admin, I can access private filters owned by other users in the UI (by going to https://<site name>.atlassian.net/secure/admin/filters/ViewSharedFilters.jspa) and update them so that I become the owner:


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