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Option for showing project lead/project administrators on permission violation screen


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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Cloud. Using JIRA Server? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Global JIRA administrators delegate parts of the daily work to the project leads/project administrators such as managing project roles. Especially in larger enterprise instances with hundreds of projects managing project roles seems to be a common task for project administrators.

      Current behaviour
      Now if an user tries to open an issue he/she does not have the permission to view he/she gets an permission violation screen. On this permission violation screen the only contacts currently named are the "JIRA administrators".

      But if project role administration is mostly done by project administrators, it would be helpful to show the name/s of the project lead/project administrators for the current project on the permission violation screen as well. Users could than directly contact the project lead and in most cases would get faster access to the project/issue than by contacting global JIRA administrators.
      As not every installation of JIRA would like to have this feature, e.g. public mode instances, showing the project leads/project administrators on the permission violation screen should be optional. This could be a global option or a per-project option. An additional option could be to show just the plain name or an e-mail link.

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