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Push user synchronisation via Remote API



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Cloud. Using JIRA Server? See the corresponding suggestion.

      1) A soap service that has operations to work with user directories (including starting a sync).
      2) Command line tools/api to run directory synchronizations.

      This question actually applies to both JIRA and Confluence. I have an LDAP user directory in both application that is linked to our Windows Domain Controller with Active Directory. Almost all of our user management is supported by Active Directory, but it is a clunky process to have to update Active Directory, and then go request a Synchronization in JIRA/Confluence.

      Is there a way to push a directory sync request from our Active Directory server to our JIRA/Confluence instances that are hosted on another server? Ideally, changes could be automatically pushed from active directory to JIRA/Confluence, but I realize that is a huge effort. So, a good alternative would be to have a command-line (or something of the sort) that I could run on our Active Directory server after I am done making changes, that would push an immediate sync request over to JIRA and Confluence. I looked through the XML RPC services for JIRA, but didn't find anything that I could use to request a directory synchronization.


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