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Searching JIRA issues for special characters (in text fields) does not work, even if these characters have been properly escaped in a quick, simple or advanced (i.e. JQL) search.




      NOTE: This bug report is for JIRA Cloud. Using JIRA Server? See the corresponding bug report.

      If you attempt to search JIRA issues for special characters (in text fields), using properly escaped special character syntax (see our documentation on Escaping Special Characters when performing text searches for details), no results are retrieved, even when JIRA issues containing these characters (in the relevant text fields) actually do exist.

      It seems this problem is a bug (and that this functionality should exist in JIRA) because when you attempt to perform a Simple or Quick search like:


      and you switch to Advanced search, this search term gets resolved to the properly escaped JQL syntax:

      summary ~ "\\[" OR description ~ "\\[" OR comment ~ "\\["

      Further to this it's been found that not only escaping [ does not work, but other characters don't escape correctly.

      We tested the following special characters in our documentation only to find that most of them do not work:

      one+ two- three& four| five! six( seven) eight{ nine} ten[ eleven] twelve^ thirteen~ fifteen* sixteen? seventeen\

      Doing special character searches have the following problems with escaping:

      summary ~ "one\\+" (works)
      summary ~ "two\\-" (works)
      summary ~ "three\\&" (works)
      summary ~ "four\\|" (works)
      summary ~ "five\\!" (doesn't work)
      summary ~ "six\\(" (doesn't work)
      summary ~ "seven\\)" (doesn't work)
      summary ~ "eight\\{" (doesn't work)
      summary ~ "nine\\}" (doesn't work)
      summary ~ "ten\\[" (doesn't work)
      summary ~ "eleven\\]" (doesn't work)
      summary ~ "twelve\\^" (doesn't work)
      summary ~ "thirteen\\~" (works)
      summary ~ "fifteen\\*" (works)
      summary ~ "sixteen\\?" (doesn't work)
      summary ~ "seventeen\u005C" (doesn't work) (special case where \\\ does not work either)


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