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[JIRAALIGN-960] Super Admins cannot view Brainstorming boards


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      Issue Summary

      Super admins can't view boards unless they are added to the board. Users expected to go to the brainstorming view and have the board open for anyone with super admin regardless if they are on the board.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. View a brainstorming board where a super admin is not added manually.

      Expected Results

      By default, Super Admins should be able to view the board.

      Actual Results

      Super Admin is not able to view the board and It will prompt "You do not have access to this board".


      You have to add the Super Admin manually in the board to view it.

            idziadyk@atlassian.com Iryna Dziadyk (Inactive)
            lsoronio@atlassian.com Leo Soronio
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