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Jira Connector -Hiting save button on Jira Setup configuration tab cleans up Work Code mapping in Field management tab


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      Issue Summary

      Work Code field mapped in Field Management is automatically removed after we click on save button on Jira Setup configuration tab.


      This is reproducible on Data Center: (yes) / (no)

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Map Work Code as a text custom field in Jira
        1. Note after saving the configuration it's confirmed by green toaster at the top
      2. Navigate to Administration -> Jira Settings -> Jira Setup
      3. Save the configuration without making any changes.
      4. Work Code field mapping is getting removed automatically from Field Management Tab.
      5. Change Log (Manage Projects-> View Logs) showing the Work Code field is removed by the user.

      Expected Results

      Work code mapping on the Field management tab should not be cleaned up after we click on the save button on the Jira Setup configuration tab.

      Actual Results

      No log files evidencing it.
      Work code mapping is being cleaned up after hitting saving in the Jira Setup tab 



      No workaround so far.

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