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Changing Anchor Sprint in new OKR slide-out doesn't update on Program Board


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      Issue Summary

      Changing the Anchor Sprint in the new OKR slide-out does not update the location of the OKR on the Program board to the corresponding Sprint column.

      This is reproducible on Data Center: (yes)

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a new OKR at the Program level for the current Planning Increment.
      2. View the program board, and the OKR shows up on the program board under the Unplanned Sprint column.
      3. Click on the OKR to bring out the slide-out.
      4. Click the title to bring up OKR in the new UI slide-out.
      5. Update the Anchor sprint.
      6. Click off the Anchor Sprint field so the value will be saved.
      7. Click save. OKR is saved with Anchor sprint updated.

      Expected Results

      • The program board will auto-refresh, and OKR will move to the updated Sprint column.

      Actual Results

      • The program board will not update the location of the OKR.
      • Refreshing the page does not update the location either


      • Switch back to the old UI and update the Target Sprint field again. Click save. The Program Board will auto-refresh with the update taking effect.

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