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The Jira connector is failing to connect after upgrading Jira Align from v10.132.3.29192 to v10.133.1.29246


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      Issue Summary

      The Jira connector is failing to connect with error and also When attempting to add a Jira project to integrate with Jira Align it's failing.

      Steps to Reproduce

      • Add a Jira Project in Jira Align -> Setting -> Connector -> Jira Setting -> Manage Project
      • Test the Jira connector in Jira Align -> Settings > Jira Settings > Jira Connectors > Test Connection

      Expected Results

      The connector gets connected and the Project synced with no errors

      Actual Results

      The Test connection Fails with the following Splunk Log error:

      { [-]
         Level: Error
         MessageTemplate: Jira Not Connected {JiraAPIURL} [{ConnectionTestResponseTime}ms] {Errors} {JiraApiConnectionTest}
         Properties: { [-]
           Action: ConnectorTest
           ConnectionTestResponseTime: 4903.9502
           ConnectorId: 1
           CorrelationId: c834f4aa76644e118cf5f5a0cdcf5339
           Customer: Customer_Test
           Errors: [ [-]
             Exception: 0:
           Event: CustomTimer
           JiraApiConnectionTest: false
           MachineName: PR-US-01-CON-2M
           Method: TestAndAlertJiraConnection
           Product: AgileCraft_Jira
           ServiceName: AgileCraft_Jira_Test_1
           SourceContext: AgileCraft_Jira.AgileCraft_Jira
           ThreadId: 21
         Timestamp: 2024-05-24T09:05:13.7416400-04:00

      When attempting to add a Jira project to integrate with Jira Align the following error message:

      A [Failed to get project [0:]] error was returned. Review the Jira Connector API Logs for additional information."


      Currently, there is no known workaround for this behavior. A workaround will be added here when available

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