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EI version v10.130 incompatibility with JA v10.132


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      Issue Summary

      In EI v10.130, it checks for the table called tblAgileTestCase to sync and maintain the EI Jobs. However, this table is deprecated in JA v10.132, and the current table name in this version is X_deprecated_tblAgileTestCase. This is causing EI Jobs to fail.

        • The failure happens only for on-prem customers

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Using JA v10.130 and EI 10.130
      2. Upgrade JA v10.130 to JA v10.132
      3. Check the EI jobs.

      Expected Results


      EI Job works fine after upgrading JA to v10.132

      Actual Results

      The EI job fails with the following message:

      Invalid object name 'tblAgileTestCase' 



      A workaround for it is to rename the table on AgileCraft_XXXXXXX from X_deprecated_tblAgileTestCase to tblAgileTestcase

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