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'Incompatible Field type' warnings displayed for date Jira fields after Jira Align 10.128 upgrade


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      Issue Summary

      Since the 10.128.x release, we don't allow the mapping of the Date fields with Jira Custom Fields that are not DatePickers.
      In the release notes, we state the following statement:

      The two date fields can only be mapped to Jira Software Date picker type fields.

      As a result only the type Date Picker: "com.atlassian.jira.plugin.system.customfieldtypes:datepicker" is allowed to be mapped.
      Other date types, used built-in Jira fields, such as 'duedate', 'Target Start' and/or 'Target End' should be allowed as it was prior to 10.128.x release update.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Go to the Field Management tab of the Jira Connector and add a new custom field mapping for 'Portfolio ask', 'Start/initiation' or ' Target Completion' dates
      2. Look for the 'duedate', 'Target Start' and/or 'Target End' Jira fields.

      Expected Results

      • All the date Jira custom fields (using a date picker or not) such as the 'duedate', 'Target Start' and/or 'Target End') are found and valid for the mapping.

      Actual Results

      • The date fields that are not using the Date Picker type (such as the 'duedate', 'Target Start' and/or 'Target End') are not found and not valid for the mapping.
      • If they were configured before the 10.128.x upgrade, you get the message: 'We can't sync your data yet' and 'Incompatible Field type'.


      Currently, there is no known workaround for this behavior.
      If you have previously added the mapping for your date custom fields before and see the messages:

      • 'We can't sync your data yet', dismiss it
      • 'Incompatible Field type', ignore it, and don't update/delete the existing mapping as you would not be able to recreate it again.

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