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BuildFeatureWhy - DetailsNullable object must have a value


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      Issue Summary

      The Why field on Jira is not being synced when the Parent Work Item in Jira Align is updated.

      In the backend of Jira Align, it is being shown that the following error can be affecting the Why Field Sync:

         Exception: System.InvalidOperationException: Nullable object must have a value.
         at System.ThrowHelper.ThrowInvalidOperationException(ExceptionResource resource)
         at JiraConnector.Services.WhyDetailsBuilderService.BuildFeatureDetails(Int32 featureId, StringBuilder sb, StringBuilder stDetails, FeaturePriorityAndEffortDetailsView feature)
         Level: Error
         MessageTemplate: BuildFeatureWhy - BuildFeatureDetails for FeatureID: XXXXXXX
         Properties: { 
           Action: Run_IndirectFieldSyncPush
           BatchSize: 100
           ConnectorId: 1
           CorrelationId: XXXXXXXXXX
           Customer: XXXXXX
           Event: ContinuousTimer
           ExceptionDetail: {
           MachineName: XXXXXXXXXX
           Method: IssuePushToJira
           Product: AgileCraft_Jira
           ServiceName: AgileCraft_Jira_XXXXXX
           SourceContext: AgileCraft_Jira.AgileCraft
           ThreadId: 17
           alignFeatureId: XXXXXX
         Timestamp: 2024-01-02T16:47:24.7936567-05:00


      Steps to Reproduce

      1. With the Why button enabled for Jira Align, go to a Work Item on Jira Align and set a Parent for it.
      2. On the Parent Work Item, update the title or the description.
      3. Save it.
      4. On Jira side, check if the Why field was updated.
      5. If the user saves any updates on the Work Item and saves it, then the Why field on Jira will be updated.

      Expected Results

      The Why field, on Jira side, is updated automatically after saving updates on the Jira Align Parent Work Item of the Jira Work Item.

      Actual Results

      The Why field, on Jira side,* is not being *updated automatically after saving updates on the Jira Align Parent Work Item of the Jira Work Item.


      The only workaround is going to the Jira Align Work Item and saving it after any update from its Parent Work Item.

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