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Epic Fixed Date Milestone Edit Popup does not Save Dates in JA


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      Issue Summary

      The Epic Fixed Date Milestone edit popup does not save dates and shows a blank screen after updating.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1.  In JA Pick any Epic
      2. Navigate to the "Time/Skills" tab
      3. Create a "Fixed Date Milestone", leaving "Target/Initiation" and "Target Complete" blank
      4. Save the Milestone
      5. Click the pencil icon to edit your new Milestone
      6. In the popup, provide dates for one or both "Target/Initiation" and "Target Complete"
      7. Press Save


      The issue is only reproducible in JA 10.126.0 Build looks like a regression as not reproducible in 10.123.3 or 10.125.3 and affects both New and OLD Nav.

      I have recorded a quick video to demonstrate the behavior.

      Expected Results

      The date(s) are saved and subsequently reflected back on the "Time/Skill" Tab

      Actual Results

      The date (s) are not saved and the popup stays open but with a blank screen.


      Input the "Portfolio Ask", "Target/Initiation" and "Target Complete" before updating and it will save correctly.

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