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Changing any Capability field that refreshes without needing to Save can cause the overwrite of a Custom Text Box Field


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      Issue Summary

      If a custom field is configured as a Text Box and two Capabilities that contain different text in that field are open in different browser tabs at the same time, then changing the data in any field that causes an automatic  refresh of the Capability details panel (without clicking on Save) can cause the displayed field content of that field  to be reset to whatever was set in the other capability. If the user than clicks Save (or Save and Close) to save the field they deliberately changed , then it will also save this new value to the custom field at the same time. This can cause data loss or loss of data integrity in the Capability

      This issue was reported against adding a Program to the Additional Programs field but is believed to be caused by changes to any field that would cause a refresh of the details panel

      It has not yet been confirmed if a similar problem can affect all types of work item


      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Make sure a custom field of type Text Box has been added to your Capabilities in Jira Align 
      2. Make sure you have 2 Capabilities (possibly under the same Epic) available
      3. Capability 1 and Capability 2 should be set with different text in the custom text box (and this text should be saved) 
      4. Open the details of both Capability 1 and Capability 2 in different browser tabs (our tests were done using Chrome) and at this point they correctly still show different custom text box content in both capabilities
      5. Add an additional program to Capability 1 - which automatically refreshes the details page even though Save has not been clicked 
      6. Click Save to commit the additional program to Capability 1 - at this point if you check the Custom Text Box in Capability 1 it has not been changed (so all is good)
      7. Switch to the tab containing the already open details panel for Capability 2 and add an additional program to Capability 2 - which again automatically refreshes the details panel even though you have not yet clicked Save
      8. If you scroll down and check the content of the custom text box in Capability 2 now, then the content will have changed to whatever Capability 1 was set to. Typically end users would not notice this (especially as they have to scroll down after the automatic refresh to actually see it) 
      9. If the Save button is then used to save the change of the Additional Programs, then this saves Capability 1's Text Box content  into Capability 2 (because that is what is actually shown on screen in the custom text box at the time Save is clicked)

      Expected Results

      The refresh of the Capability Details should not reset any field content based on the content of a different tab for a different capability that is also open at the time

      Actual Results

      The automatic refresh displays the wrong data in the Custom Text Box field and then if the user subsequently clicks save, then data is lost or incorrectly modified


      One of the following can reduce the chances of the issue happening or help spot the problem early

      • Do not work in multiple tabs when modifying capabilities
      • Check the content of any custom text boxes are correct, if you changed a field and saw the details panel refresh and are about to click save on the capability
      • After saving capabilities containing custom text boxes review the audit log to check that the custom fields have only been changed when the user intended to make such a change.


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