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New Nav - Add the Ability to View work Items Links for the Entire JA Portfolios



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      Issue Summary

      The customer states, that currently, they don't have the ability to view all the work link items across the portfolio in the new navigation like the OLD navigation.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. In JA's new Navigation, Filter by a Program
      2. Navigate to More items > Work item link grid

      I have recorded This loom video to better demonstrate the behavior.

      Expected Results

      Work Item Links should be added to the enterprise sidebar menu and the portfolio sidebar menu. When accessed from the enterprise sidebar menu, all links should show. When accessed from the portfolio sidebar menu, only links associated to the selected portfolio should show (the filtering logic should be the same as filtering by a portfolio in tier 1 in the old navigation experience).

      Actual Results

      The Work link items are not listed in the new navigation and are only available at the program level which doesn't allow the customers to select to view the entire portfolio.


      As a workaround, the following steps can be followed:

      1. Switch to the old navigation experience
      2. Click on T1 > Shift Gears > Advanced Configurations > Reset All
      3. Next, still in the Old Nav > Filter by the desired Portfolio > Navigate to the work items grid
      4. Enable the New Nav


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