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[New Navigation] Team Level Filter is missing in the Dependency Map


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      Issue Summary

      Team-level filtering on the Dependency Map is not available in the new navigation.

      In the old UI, it is possible to select the teams on the T1 filter and see the team-level view on the Dependency Map

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. In the old nav, select a (Scrum/Kanban) Team in Tier 1.
      2. On the Dependency Map verify the view for all selected teams
      3. Toggle on the new nav, and select the Dependency Map report from a Program left panel select the "Reports" section
      4. Verify there is not no filter for the teams

      Expected Results

      Filtering results should be the same in the old nav and new nav.

      Actual Results

      No team filter is visible on the new navigation for Dependency Map


      The only workaround is to select the teams on the T1 filter and switch to the new navigation.

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