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New Navigation - Milestone selection unavailable under the Custom Room Roadmap view


    • Severity 3 - Minor
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      Issue Summary

      If you go to Custom Room > Roadmap and click on the Milestones button, the expected milestones do not show up as filter options.  The "Fixed Date" and "Objective" milestone on/off toggles appear, but specific milestones are not showing up.

      If you access this same page through the Portfolio page (Portfolio > Roadmaps) and filter by the above custom room, the individual milestones appear in the selection list.  This behavior on the portfolio roadmap page is working as expected, so it should also work the same under the Custom Room page.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. In new nav, go to Custom Rooms and select a room
      2. Select Roadmaps
      3. Click on Milestones to open the milestone filter list.

      Expected Results

      The list of milestones available for filtering should appear (both regular and incomplete milestones)

      Actual Results

      Nothing items show in the lists.


      Use the roadmap under the Portfolio or Program page

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