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On-Prem: Help button hangs because of Internet restriction on 10.122.x above



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      Issue Summary

      On-Prem Jira Align instance hangs if the user clicks on "Help" button in 122.2.

      As shown On Release notes for 10.122.X, Show “Help” Button has been set as Read-only

      To make in-product help and required privacy policy information accessible for all users, we have disabled the setting to remove the Help button. The setting, called Show “Help” Button, is visible from the general platform settings but has been set as read-only. The setting will be removed in a future release.

      This is reproducible on Data Center: (yes)

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Step 1. Go to any pages
      2. Step 2. Click help button on right-hand corner of the page
      3. Step 3. Help page and the menu page is not displayed.

      Expected Results

      When users click help button in On-Prem instance, the help page is displayed.

      Actual Results

      Due to certain internet limitations within the On-Prem instance, when the user clicks Help button, it keeps spinning and help page is not displayed


      1. Turn off mastertoggle in the database with the following query, the 'Show Help Button' changes to 'No' and greyed out (read-only).
        update tblSetup set AutoTrimValue ='0'
        where SetupID = '150' and SetupDesc = 'Show "Help" Button'
      2. Enable new navigation toggle, the Help button is moved to the top right corner and Help option is not displayed

        However, the Help button still appears in the old navigation, when users click on it, the spinning sign is shown on the help page and hangs.


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