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New navigation - cannot filter Dependency Maps by portfolio, solution, or team.



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      Issue Summary

      • NewUI does not have filters for Portflio and program on Dependency Maps. There is a drop down for PI but since there is no filter for Portfolio and Program, the page always displays the message - "Please select a Portfolio/Program/Team in the configuration bar"
      • The dependency list view has filters for Portfolio and program but browsing to Dependency maps does not have the filter applied


      This is reproducible on Data Center: JA Cloud

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Enable New UI on JA 10.122.3
      2. Goto items -> dependencies (List view) -> There is option to filter based on Portfolio/Program/PI/Team
      3. Now go to Maps > Grid view (or) any view.
      4. There is no option/filter to select the portfolio or program or team.
      5. Tried other filter (options) but there is no way to filter based on portfolio/program/team
      6. PI is available but selecting PI will not display any map and always shows the message - "Please select a Portfolio/Program/Team in the configuration bar"
      7. Also tested on 10.123.0 (beta phase) - The maps page lands at "you need permission to view this page" irrespective of being logged in as super admin and roles/dependency maps are enabled.

      Expected Results

      Dependency Maps links should be removed from the grid and added the reports section on the Portfolio, Solution, and Team menus (already exists on the Program reports menu).

      Actual Results

      The below message is shown and there is no option to choose Portfolio/Program/Team

      on JA 10.122.3

      JA 10.123.0:



      Currently, there is no known workaround for this behavior. A workaround will be added here when available


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