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New Navigation: Unable to access the Points Accepted (by Sprint) report


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      Issue Summary

      Reports previously available in old navigation is not accessible in the new navigation UI:
      Points Accepted (by Sprint) report

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. log in to <Jira Align Instance>, and make sure to switch to the Old navigation.
      2. Click on "Reports" from the left panel.
      3. Select Program category and find "Points Accepted (by Sprint)" report is available.
      4. Now on a new browser tab, Login to "<Jira Align Instance>", and switch to "New navigation".
      5. In the New navigation, go to any level "Programs" and look for the "Points Accepted (by Sprint)" report. and notice it is not available.

      Expected Results

      Points Accepted by Sprint report should be available in the Report section of the new navigation.

      Actual Results

      the report available is not accessible from the new navigation.


      If we access the report from the Old navigation and switch to the New navigation from the same window then we can access the report from the new navigation.
      Also, the report is accessible via URL from the new navigation.

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