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The Statistics Section of the Scope Change Report shows 0 values



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      Issue Summary

      Just underneath the line graph in a Program Increment Scope Change Report there is a Statistics section that displays the values for:

      • Starting Scope
      • Scope Change
      • Scope Delivered

      Currently the Starting Scope and Scope Change stats show 0 even though the line graph immediately above shows that the Starting Scope and Scope Change values should be larger than 0


      This has not yet been confirmed as a regression by Tech Support, but at least two customers have reported this issue to Technical Support in the last day and one of them has indicated that they believe it used to show the correct data.


      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Either create or Locate an existing PI that has Features and Stories (with Effort Points) created prior to the start of the PI and also has Features and Stories created and added to the PI after the start of the PI.
      2. Open the Program Increment Scope Change Report (which does not seem to be in a report category, but can be found in the All Reports section) making sure that the configuration bar filters are set for an appropriate Portfolio + PI)
      3. Review the Statistics section located just under the graph (and compare it with both the graph and the list of features provided below the Statistics section 

      Expected Results

      The statistics section will show valid data for all 3 stats and not show 0 for the first two items

      Actual Results

      The below image (from a test lab) shows the problems, The red arrows indicate values that should not be zero, but are. The left end of the blue line in the graph shows what the Starting Scope should be and the fact that the graph is not a flat line shows that there is Scope Change.



      Click the mouse on the left end of the blue line in the graph to find the Starting Scope

      Click the mouse on the right end of the blue line in the graph to find the Ending Scope and then subtract the Starting Scope from this value to get the Scope Change.



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