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New Navigation - Magnifying being unable


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      Issue Summary

      On Jira Align with the new navigation enabled, the icon cannot do another search after concluding a search using the magnifying.

      The magnifying icon keeps being selected and doesn't allow the user to do another search.

      This is reproducible on Data Center: (yes)

      Steps to Reproduce

      • On Jira Align with the New Navigation enabled, click on the magnifying icon
      • Search for an item and open it
      • After opening, change nothing and then close it
      • Click back on the magnifying icon. (Note that the icon looks like it is selected yet)

      Expected Results

      Clicking on magnifying icon opens the search screen to show how many times it is selected.

      Actual Results

      After using the magnifying icon once, it will not be available to be used again; it is "frozen."


      Refreshing the home page of Jira Align makes the magnifying icon available again.

            csmith1@atlassian.com Cap Smith
            f9fc804f30c6 Luiz Felipe Arruda
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