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(New UI) Multiple program filter doesn't work in Feature Backlog


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      Issue Summary

      With the new UI enabled, adding multiple programs to the filters causes no work items to show up.

      In the old UI, selecting multiple programs from the tier 1 filter allows you to see the backlog for all selected programs.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. With the new UI enabled, go to the Feature Backlog for a program with work items.
      2. Note the work items that appear in the backlog.
      3. Click on "Apply Filters" and select Program
      4. Leave the operator as = and add more programs

      Expected Results

      The new programs and their work items would appear in the backlog

      Actual Results

      The new programs don't show up, and the work items for the initial program disappear from the list complete.y


      It is possible to set the tier 1 with multiple program filters in the old UI before clicking "enable new nav".  Doing this pulls up the new navigation with the backlog list properly filtered.

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