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'Team goals' report fails to display Team name or Sprint when PI’s Schedule Type = "Independent Sprints"


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      Issue Summary

      When selecting a PI who's Schedule Type is set to "Independent Sprints", the resulting 'Team goals' report fails to display the Team and Sprint name in the row header.

      NOTE: By comparison, when PI's Schedule Type = "Synchronized Sprints", row headers show Team Name and column headers show Sprint name

      When PI's Schedule Type = "Independent Sprints", we consolidate all team sprints into a single column, therefore the expectation is that the Row header should display both the Team name and Sprint name.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create PI1 with anchor dates and set Schedule Type = "Independent Sprints"
      2. Create ProgramA and tie to PI1
      3. Create TeamA and TeamB and tie to ProgramA
      4. Generate sprints for both teams under PI1
      5. Open Team goals report and select PI1

      Expected Results

      Rows should include header with Team name and sprint name

      Actual Results

      Rows are missing header with Team name and sprint name


      Click on each individual goal (which opens the sprint slide out) to see which sprint and team it belongs to.

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