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Not all programs are listed on Theme slide-out panel


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      Issue Summary

      Clicking on "Programs" dropdown menu on the Theme slide-out panel doesn't present the full content list.

      Steps to Reproduce

      It seems to be reproducible only in some instances

      1. Go to Portfolio > MANAGE > Themes create a new Theme.
      2. Be sure to select all the programs in the Programs dropdown list, while noting the values for Selected and Shown.

      Expected Results

      The Selected and Shown values are equal

      Actual Results

      The Selected value is lesser than Shown


      We can use the API to add the remaining Programs. Doing a PATCH to the endpoint Themes with content similar to the below should help them add the needed data:

              "op": "add",
              "path": "programIds/-",
              "value": "222"

            dfuller@atlassian.com Don Fuller
            sraj3@atlassian.com Sujay
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