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Deletion of External Links is not possible without system role permissions in the Portfolio layer


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    • 10.126.2
    • 10.116.2, 10.117.2, 10.119.2
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      Issue Summary

      In a Self-Hosted (On-Prem) instance running 10.116.2 (customer version) or 10.119.2 (Atlassian Support test version) A user in a role that is set with all the Solution > Manage > Capabilities toggles enabled can add an External Link into the Details > Links field of a Capability,  however they do not see the cross (X) against  the entry that allows them to delete the link

      If that same role then has the toggle enabled for Portfolio > Manage > Epics > Add and the user logs out and back in then they do see the cross that allows them to delete the External link

      Note: Support would have tested 10.120 in the cloud, but there is another issue apparently affecting 10.120 which blocked any testing

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Make sure a test user is a member if a role that does not have any Portfolio level permissions to Epics but does have all the Solution Level Permissions to Capabilities.
      2. Have that user add an external weblink to a capability
      3. Check to see if that external link shows a Cross against the entry (at the right hand end) - it will not
      4. Log that user out
      5. Change the role so that they additionally have Portfolio > Manage > Epics > Add enabled
      6. Log the user back in and open the same capability , the External link should now have the cross visible and a deletion should be possible by clicking the cross

      Expected Results

      The deletion cross should be seen (and work) without needing the permission to Add Epics in the Portfolio layer of the role.

      Actual Results

      The deletion cross is not displayed (so a deletion of an external link cannot be done) without the permission to Add Epics in the Portfolio layer of the role - which gives too much permission to staff that should not be working in the Portfolio layer


      Currently, other than giving the role permissions to work in theportfolio layer, there is no known workaround for this behavior. A workaround will be added here when available

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