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New Navigation - Roadmaps is not available to the Team level (but available in Old Navigation)


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      Issue Summary

      Old navigation - The user can choose Roadmap view of their work for the Product Area (can be understood as ART per SAFe) and then in the top context, user can zoom in by choosing a Squad within that Product Area - Roadmap will still show the work items pertaining to that Squad chosen.
      New navigation - The user is able to choose the Roadmap view for the Product Areas as previously but when it’s zoomed in for a Team - it opens up the Team room and does not keep the Roadmap view for the updated context.

      This is reproducible on Cloud.

      Steps to Reproduce

      Not able to find Product Roadmap through new UI to the level of Team. When enabling the New UI while accessing the Product Roadmap from the old UI you can see the roadmap but as soon as you change the filters (Team for example) it will redirect to the Team room.

      How to Replicate

      1. Open Roadmap from old UI in Jira Align selecting a specific Team.
      2. Change view for new UI, change the Team from the filter, Jira Align will redirect to Team Room
      3. Try to access Roadmap from the New UI straight, not able to find it.

      Expected Results

      The new NewUI has the Roadmap at the team level.

      Actual Results

      The new NewUI does not have the Roadmap at the team level.



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