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Unable to import themes if the number of programs exceeds 24


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      Issue Summary

      While importing, the xls file upload doesn't recognise themes if the list of associated programs for a theme is exceeding 24.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Navigate to Portfolio -> Themes -> More Actions -> Import Themes
      2. Prepare the import xls file with the Programs column having the following 25 programs
        AtentaPhase1, AtentaPhase2, AtentaPhase3, AtentaSupport1, AtentaPhase4, AtentaPhase5, AtentaSupport2, Tamanna ADO Program, Tamanna Comp Proj, Arathi Program3, Arathi1 Program2, Arathi1 Program1, FXPProgram 3, BrandonProg1, Jose's Company Managed Program, Jose's Program 2, ACWP-No-Cap, FedeProgramAlign, Alessandra_CPP_Web, FedeProgramAlign, CM Sprint Program 01, CM Sprint Program 01, CM Sprint Program 01, Brandon Program 8, CM Sprint Program 01, Todd Program (test)
      3. Upload this xls file.

      Expected Results

      The theme is recognised

      Actual Results

      The theme doesn't get recognised and the UI shows there are 0 themes present in the xls file.


      If we reduce the number of programs to 24 and upload the xls file, the theme is now recognised

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