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Enterprise Insights: when users are made inactive, they will be removed from the team UI but will remain on [Team Member]


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      Issue Summary

      When a user that is part of a team is made inactive on JA UI, it will be removed from the Team UI (including a message on the audit log), but he will remain on the view [Team Member].

      If we run a query on the view, like the one below, we see that he is still there:

          u.[Full Name],
          u.[User Active Flag]
      from current_dw.[team member] tm
          inner join current_dw.[User] u on tm.[FK User ID] = u.[User ID]
      where tm.[fk team id] = 7220
      FK Team ID FK User ID FK Portfolio ID Team Role Type Team Role Name Team Dev Allocation Team Defect Allocation Full Name User Active Flag
      7220 661727 0 Dev Resource Developer 0 0 Diego Larangeira Yes
      7220 661818 0 Dev Resource Developer 0 0 Diego4 ANewDay No

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a user and associate it to a Team
      2. Query [Team Member] and see how the user is present there and on the UI
      3. Now go to Admin > People and mark the user as Inactive
      4. See how he was removed from the Team UI on Team > Teams
      5. Run the query once again and see how he was not removed from the view

      Expected Results

      TBD by Product Team

      Actual Results

      Even though the user is removed from the Team UI, he remains on the view [Team Member]


      Currently there is no known workaround for this behavior. A workaround will be added here when available

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