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ADO Connector - Jira Align Story receiving wrong State after syncing with ADO


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      Issue Summary

      Azure Devops Sync:

      The Jira Align story is receiving the state 4- Test Complete after a state changed in ADO to Closed which is mapped in Jira Align as 5- Accepted
      Not obeying the ADO - > Jira Align state Mapping

      Further details:

      • No there is no 4-Test Complete mapped in ADO - > Jira Align mapping
      • This is reproducible in Laboratory: (yes)
      • The Logs point to the correct state mapping change however the results is different from the logs.
      • Engineer considerations about the bug:  I was able to re-create it. This occurs when an ADO story has more than 200 entries in revision history and the change to the state mapped to Accepted happened after the 200th. We aren't paging the revision history and so aren't picking up the timestamp and user who moved the item to the state, so our system isn't allowing it to move all the way to accepted.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Configure a sync between Jira Align and ADO
      2. Map the states for ADO to Jira Align direction, but don't add 4-Test Complete in this mapping, follow a sample below
      3. Create a story in ADO with more than 200 revisions entries
      4. Change the state in ado in the way that it matches in Jira Align as 5-Accepted
      5. check the Jira Align Story received a not mapped state 4-Test Complete

      Expected Results

      The state should map according to the Connector mapping and brings in Jira Align the 5-Accepted state instead 4-Test Complete

      Actual Results

      State not mapping according to ADO - > Jira Align Connector mapping and bringing 4-Test Complete state which is not mapped


      Currently, there is no known workaround for this behavior. A workaround will be added here when available

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