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Capability Audit Log does not show Parent Epic at Creation


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    • 10.127.0
    • 10.119.0
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      Issue Summary

      When a Capability is created with a Parent Epic associated , the audit log will not show the Parent Epic associated in the "Created" entry. Only by modifying the Capability in some way will it show an update that associates the Parent Epic.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a new Capability with a Parent Epic attached.
      2. Check the Audit Log for the Capability and find no record of Parent Epic association.
      3. Modify any attribute of the Capability.
      4. Check Audit Log to find the update contains an association with the Parent Epic.

      Expected Results

      Created entry in the Audit Log includes Parent Epic

      Actual Results

      Parent Epic association only happens after the Capability is updated, not on creation.


      A second update to the Capability will update the Parent Epic association.

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