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Themes Grid Adding text to the Filter Theme Plan Budget cause Whoops error and blocks the page


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    • 10.125.3
    • 10.119.2
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      Issue Summary

      In the Themes grid if you apply text content to the filter Theme Planned Budget (Expected Integer) it causes a whoops error. Hence the Page cannot be accessed by this user anymore since every time it tries to go to the Themes grid Jira Align automatically pushes the last filter applied, the broken one, leading again to Whoops


      This is reproducible on Cloud: (yes) 

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Go to Themes Grid
      2. Hit Apply Filter
      3. Select Theme Planned Budget and add a text content
      4. Hit Apply
      5. Note: that the page is unavailable, your user now gets Whoops error everytime it tries to reach Themes page 

      Expected Results

      Do not apply the filter if the data type is incompatible, and do not throw a Whoops error

      Actual Results

      page is unavailable, your user now gets Whoops error every time it tries to reach the Themes page

      2023-05-05 15:43:42 GET /default - 443 2172 Mozilla/5.0+(Windows+NT+10.0;+Win64;+x64)+AppleWebKit/537.36+(KHTML,+like+Gecko)+Chrome/ https://JIRAALIGN.jiraalign.com/Error?er=1175 JIRAALIGN.jiraalign.com 200 0 0 265
      host = PRUSM7WEBB7source = C:\inetpub\logs\LogFiles\W3SVC37\u_ex230505.logsourcetype = ms:iis:auto
      { [-]
         ASP_function: OOFunctionsSql.SetRSParamsCursor
         correlationid: vDZAK90EISl7238vQYTx9oAmG6MZr2Cy2UyOlME9cBc=
         customer_db: CUSTOMER
         error_description: Conversion failed when converting the nvarchar value 'Program A, Program B, Portfolio A, Program C, Program D' to data type int.
         error_id: 1175
         error_number: -2147217913
         error_source: Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 11.0
         log_type: exception
         logfrom_location: Website-ASP
         sql: EXEC RPM_GET_THEME_LIST 30, 1,N' AND  theme.[PlannedBudget]  = N''Pro Account  Blueprint, Pro Account  Pricing, PRO Experience, Pro Order Management, Pro Trade Credit'' ','theme.[ThemeID] DESC', ' ',' ','2736'
         timestamp: 2023-05-05T11:43:04.937000-04:00
         url: https://JIRAALIGN.jiraalign.com:443/ThemeGrid.asp?FirstTime=True
         urlverb: GET
         user: 2736
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      host = PRUSM7WEBB7source = c:\log\JIRAALIGN-ASP-20230505.logsourcetype = asp






      The workaround is:
      Ask for another Jira Align User that has access to The Themes grid:

      • Access The Themes grid
      • Apply a working filter
        • Note a parameter will be added to the URL: FilterId=XXX
      • Copy and paste this link containing the new working filter which overwrite the broken one on your page
      • The page will load, make sure to clean any filter applied in this page
      • Done

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