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The Primary Program field in the Capability form doesn't relate to the Parent Epic field.


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      Issue Summary


      The  Primary Program field on the Capability form doesn't interact with the Parent Epic field, which means that no matter what Parent Epic is selected, the Primary Program field will load all the program options, including the programs that are not related to the parent Epic selected.

      Also, the UI allows the user to save a Capability with a primary program unrelated to the Parent Epic. 


      Comparing the Capability form with the Feature form, we can see that the Parent Epic and Primary Program field interacts between them in the Feature form.  

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. On Jira Align, go to Create -> Capability
      2. On the Capability form, select a Primary Program 
      3. Select a Parent Epic in its form
      4. Fill in the other fields and save it.
      5. Return to the Capability created, and expand the Primary Program dropdown.
      6. Check that the Primary Program dropdown loads programs that are not related to the Parent Epic selected. 
      7. The UI will allow the saving if the user saves the capability with the Primary Program selected unrelated to the Parent Epic.


      Expected Results


      The Primary Program field will be loaded with the options filtered by the Parent Epic Selected. The behavior should be the same as that happens with the Feature form.

      Actual Results

      The Primary Program field loads programs that are not related to the parent epic selected and allows the user to save it.


      This issue is happening on the UI level, checking the API, we can see that the API doesn't allow the user to save a Primary Program with a not related Parent Epic, as shown below:



      Currently, there is no known workaround for this behavior. A workaround will be added here when available

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