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Forecast - Plan Capacity - Needed Capacity is calculating incorrectly


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      Issue Summary

      Needed Capacity has several issues when calculating Needed Capacity.

      • Multi-Program view populates the same Needed Capacity for all programs, even if some programs have 0 work forecasted.
        • In Single-Program view, the correct values are displayed for the program.
      • Needed Capacity also accounts for Cancelled or Deleted items.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create 2+ programs in the same Portfolio with Epics or Capabilities assigned.
      2. Assign both programs to the work item.
      3. Forecast those work items for 1 program but not the other (either in Forecast feature or Forecast tab of the work item)
      4. Review the Plan Capacity for the Portfolio which houses these two programs to see the # Needed Capacity is the same for both programs, despite one program having no forecast applied.

      Expected Results

      Needed Capacity respects the Forecast values for active work items to calculate capacity for each program individually.

      Actual Results

      Needed Capacity applies the calculation for all programs involved, even if there is no forecast for the program on the work item or the work item is not active (has been cancelled or deleted).


      Viewing the Forecast feature on a single-program configuration will display the correct value, but this is not a workable solution when needing to calculate capacity for multi-program work.

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