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Risk Find Epic Field not assigning to the field and searching properly the Epic


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      Issue Summary


      When you choose a Program on a Risk work item other than the Primary Program, the Epic cannot be chosen from the drop-down (when the Epic leverages the multi-product approach).

      It works with Features but not with Epics


      This is reproducible: (yes)

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create an Epic in Program "A" and as an additional program in Program "B"
      2. Create a Risk with program "A"
      3. Set in the "find Epic" field the Epic created before
        1. Note that it worked properly; even if you try to select through the Magnifier icon right beside it, the epic is assigned to the risk properly
      4. Now, create a Risk again but now using the Program "B"
      5. Try to find your Epic in the  "find Epic" field.
        1. Note that nothing is returned, and even if you try to use the magnifier icon right beside after selecting the Epic, it'll not be assigned to the risk

      Expected Results

      The Epic should appear in the "find Epic" regardless if the Program selected before was the primary or the additional one. (when the Epic leverages the multi-product approach)

      Actual Results

      The field "find Epic" can't find the Epic  if the program set before in the page is other than the Epic's Primary Program (when the Epic leverages the multi-product approach)



       there is no known workaround for this behavior

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