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Jira Setting: "Default Jira Align story priority" Applies to both Story and Feature type


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      Issue Summary

      Jira Setting: "Default Jira Align story priority" Applies to both Story and Feature type.

      However, the title, Default Jira Align story priority, is misleading and suggest only story is included


      The documentation is mentioning the following:

      Default Jira Align story priority When you create a feature or story in Jira Align, it will create a feature or story issue type in Jira. This is a default priority that the connector will set on the newly-created issue in Jira. This is a one-time sync upon creation; editing the feature or story in Jira Align will not update the priority in Jira. The priority also does not sync to Jira Align when a feature or story issue type is first created in Jira.


      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Set a Priority in the Jira setting
        1=Highest (..) 5=very Low
      2. Create a Story in Align
      3. Sync it to Jira and notice the priority level
      4. Redo the steps for a Feature. 
      5. Notice the level is also applied for this item level

      Expected Results

      TBD by Product Management

      • If the behavior is correct (apply to Feature and Story) then the Jira setting  "Default Jira Align story priority" should be reworded to cover Feature as well
      • If this is the incorrect behavior, (Should apply only to Story) then the setting should not be applied to features as well

      Actual Results

      The current behavior apply to both, but the wording "Default Jira Align story priority" is incorrect, as it also covers Feature, on top of stories


      Currently there is no known workaround for this behavior. A workaround will be added here when available

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