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Copying a feature misses Program information from the audit log


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      Issue Summary

      If you create a feature from scratch, then the audit log contains an entry for the Program in the format
      Progam : <program name>  

      However if you copy (or split) an existing feature which already has the program specified, then the audit log will not contain details of the program

      Customer is using the audit logs for Quality Assurance and Compliancy control and expects the same information to be present in the audit log whether created or copied.  

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a brand new Feature using the Create button, make sure it is given a Program while being created
      2. After saving the feature, check the audit log, an entry for the program will be included in the log.
      3. Copy the feature created in the above steps and save it
      4. Check the audit log for the copy, the Program is not included in the log.

      Note: Splitting a feature has the same problem.  Also there may be other work item types that have similar issues (where the fields recorded in the audit log for a create operation are not all included in the audit log for a copy operation)

      Expected Results

      The Program information should be written to the audit log for a feature for both standard creation and copy operations

      Actual Results

      The audit log for the copied feature does not contain any information about the program (unless the program for the feature was subsequently modified


      When copying features, change the program, save it and then if needed change it back and save it again. 

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