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Clicking Load More in the Forecast Room causes a misaligned column display



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      Issue Summary

      If you have multiple Programs in a Portfolio (or choose multiple Programs in the Configuration Bar filter) and also have a large number of Portfolio Epics in the list displayed in the Forecast Room, then clicking the Load More button at the bottom of the initial display of Epics (and scrolling down a few lines) displays more Epics, but the column alignment for those columns containing green boxes is stepped sideways for the newly displayed Epics. 

      This also results in the first column to the left of the green box column being partially obscured. The following screenshots (which came from internal tests so don't contain private data) show the view before and after clicking Load More 

      • This issue is independent of browser but is linked to the available horizontal resolution in the current browser window
      • This in turn is is limited by maximum screen resolution (customer  is seeing issue at 1920x1080 with browser maximised)
      • Issue happens above the browser sizing that causes us to display a pop-up of   Window size is smaller than minimum requirements

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Using  a Portfolio that contains at least 6 Programs
      2. Create a large number of Epics in one or more of the programs, that are linked to a single PI - you need enough Epics for the Load More button to be shown. As a guideline for the support reproduction we had over 130 Epics
      3. Open Program > Manage (+Show All) > Forecast
      4. Set the Configuration Bar Filters to the Portfolio + PI
      5. Set the View Type to Agile by Program (and if Capabilities are enabled the View by to Epics
      6. Use Configure Columns to only enable: Owner and Scoring (disable all the others)
      7. Adjust the horizontal size of the browser so that it is above where the pop-up warning about Window size is seen, but results in some of the green box containing columns to be off screen. For the support reproduction this meant 3 columns were completely shown, the 4th column was partially visible  and columns 5 & 6 were off screen
      8. Scroll down to the bottom of the displayed list of Epics to find the Load More button
      9. Click the Load More button
      10. Scroll down a few rows to see the issue

      Expected Results

      After clicking Load More, all Epics are displayed with the fields for the green boxes correctly aligned for the columns 

      Actual Results

      The Epics that were displayed before clicking Load More are still displayed with the fields for the green boxes correctly aligned for the columns.

      The Epics that appeared after clicking Load More have fields for the green boxes stepped sideways to the left (partially obscuring the Owner field)  The effect is more pronounced with a greater number of Programs in the Portfolio that results in more off-screen columns containing the green boxes


      Reduce the number of Programs (by changing the Configuration Bar filter) so that all the information is displayed in the available browser width. This does affect the ability to compare across all the programs so may not be acceptable to some customers.


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