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The objective name is broken off after the pipe character '|' in search fields.


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      Issue Summary

      When the objectives' name contains a pipe, it is not possible to view the complete text while searching for existing objectives in the work item panel/slide out.

      This is reproducible on Data Center: yes

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create one or more Objectives with a pipe character in the name (e.g : 'Q2023|TEST ObjectiveXX') and choose 'Program' as the tier, for example.
      2. Create a new Feature or select an existing one.
      3. In the feature slide-out/panel, scroll down to the 'Objectives' section
      4. Search for one of the existing objectives you created before typing for the first letters of the objective's name (e.g. 'Q2023').

      Expected Results

      The full text of the objective's name is provided (e.g. 'Q2023|TEST ObjectiveXX')

      Actual Results

      Only the text till the pipe character is shown (e.g 'Q2023') as shown below:


      Use the full name of the objective or use the Id

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