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All records on Enterprise Insights table [MAP Idea Group to User] created with deleted flag.


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      Issue Summary

      All records created on [MAP Idea Group to User] table in Enterprise Insights is flagged as deleted. This prevents any records from appearing in current_dw schema.
      This is reproducible on Data Center: Yes

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Under Ideation > Setup, select an Idea Group with External Users enabled.
      2. Sign up an external user using the link on that page.
      3. Select the Idea Group. Under Approve External Users click "Manage" link and make sure that your user appears there and set to Active.
      4. Wait at least an hour so the EI ETL can run.
      5. Query EI with the following:
      SELECT * FROM current_dw.[MAP Idea Group to User]

      Expected Results

      Data on Ideation group users appears in query

      Actual Results

      Query has no results.

      A review of the the base tables used on the creation of [MAP Idea Group to User] revealed that it seems to only have logic to create the [Deleted Flag] as YES, no matter the scenario.


      Customer can query export_dw instead which will show tables with the deleted flag.

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