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Inconsistent program data returned on expanded releases endpoint


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    • 10.119.0
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      Issue Summary

      If you GET on the releases endpoint for an ID with expand=true, the expanded program data doesn't always match the programIDs.  Sometimes the query will return ProgramIDs and have nothing in the expanded list.  Other times, it will have program data for IDs that are completely different from the IDs.


      I'm not sure why some data matches and some doesn't.  If you're having trouble reproducing it, you can use the alignsupport instance with the example release IDs:

      26 - returns program ID 28, with expanded details for ID 33
      62 - returns program IDs 92, 94 with no expanded program details

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Do a GET on the releases endpoint with expand=true

      Expected Results

      The programIDs and the IDs in the expanded program list would match

      Actual Results

      They don't always match


      No known workaround.

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